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vigra We welcome your comments. The Tribal Mind: listen to the goal posts shifting. You know what they say about lies and statistics. Last Friday Channel Ten put out a press release boasting that the final episode of The Biggest Loser had been "the year's top rated show in all major demographics". This column's subject matter is the things Australians do in large numbers, so that claim caught our attention. We sent Ten's publicist a plea for clarification: "By my count, the top shows in the year so fro have gone like this: Australian Open tennis men's vaccinium vitis idaea controindicazioni viagra (7) 2.

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Market fluctuations, as well as economic conditions, have adversely affected, and may continue to adversely affect, the market price of our common stock.

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I figure a few more months at least before the next financial crisis. They come in bunches, and Brazilian dust seems to be settling at the moment. I'm waiting for the next downspike in precious metals. I think Aldebaran is right -- that the way to go is natural gas or 500 gallon or so propane tank.]