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In November 1998, the Company's Board of Directors approved a stock option pool authorizing management of the Company to make discretionary grants up to 500,000 shares. A summary of the Company's outstanding options and activity follows: Weighted average fair value of all options granted during the years ended December 31, 2000, 1999 and 1998 were 2. 90, 1. 23, and 1. 99, respectively. The following table summarizes information about the options outstanding at December 31, 2000: The Company has elected to continue what is better cialis or viagra or levitra measure compensation levotra associated with its stock option plan under APB No. 25, quot;Accounting for Stock Issued to Employeesquot; and comply with villa di bella viagrande agriturismo italy pro forma disclosure requirements of SFAS No.

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Similar corporate fundraisers, including one by TAGtrade;, conducted a charity auction for a date with actress Carmen Electra,with all proceeds going to a PC charity (Camilli 2005). The TAGtrade; market segmentation is young, heterosexual men; their advertising campaigns trade on hyper-sexualised images to encourage their audience to buy various products (http:www. consideryourselfwarned. com). This event offered young men opportunities to consume and express Western masculine ideals under the guise of assisting older, less fortunate men living with PC.

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