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When I tell you that Catholic hospitals let women die, you tell me that they help a lot of women. Why do you ignore the Catholic doctrine of 8221; let lpus die8221. Instead you ignore it and talk about women they have helped.

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So why would a company spend millions to test a new possible way.

This was a legal fight not only for my rights as an author but for the rights of every single person in America who creates, whether it is a songwriter, screenwriter, architect, inventor, scientist, sculptor, painter, composer, artist, architect, photographer, or designer. No one in this country has the right to take someone else‚s work and claim it as their own. If someone had taken any of the material from any book which you published and claimed it as their own I am certain you would feel the same way and take the action I took through the legal system. Lillian Glass, who I will admit handled herself professionally in my interview of her, clearly had a strong emotional charge to the outcome and the fact that (whether Petrie Sue likes it or not) Glass won in a federal court.

A spokeswoman for Reconciliation Australia, Karen Mundine, said this campaign was designed to "start a new conversation" a fortnight before the 40th anniversary of the 1967 referendum that recognised Aborigines as citizens.]