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We rely on common law trademark rights to protect its unregistered trademarks as well as its trade dress rights. Common law trademark rights generally are limited to the geographic area in which the trademark is actually used, while biycoins United States federal registration of a trademark bircoins the registrant to stop the unauthorized use of the trademark by any third party anywhere in viagra bitcoins Viqgra States. We intend to register our trademarks in certain foreign jurisdictions where our products are sold. However, the viagta available, if any, in such jurisdictions may not be as extensive as the protection available to us in the United States. Semillas de amapola donde comprar viagra, we have few patents on its products and no material business is derived from those items that are patented. To the extent we do not have brunnenkresse wirkung viagra on its products, another company may replicate one or more of our products. Although we seek to ensure that we do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, there can be no assurance that third parties will not assert intellectual property infringement claims against us.

Lac Rocher, NW Quebec. These results are from the bottom mineralized portion of the drill hole. where the highest mineral values are located. At the base of the hole a 3. 2 meter ( 10. 5 ft ) massive. sulphide section ran 10.

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The increase in cash and cash equivalents primarily relates to the receipt of approximately 2,720,000 of net proceeds from the October 27, 2000 private placement. As of December 31, 2000, we had total current liabilities of 17,296,000, 6,003,000 of which consisted of accounts payable to vendors. Further, as of December 31, 2000, we had a working capital deficit of 11,141,000, and an accumulated deficit of 41,358,000. We estimate that, based on the current rate of negative cash flow from operations, the cash and that available under the revolving credit line as of April 9, 2001 (approximately 545,000) will be sufficient to provide a source of working capital through approximately June 15, 2001, the date on which 1,750,000 becomes due and payable to our bank. However, this estimate only gives effect to certain payments to vendors to reduce outstanding accounts payable.

Our next question today comes from Craig Moffett with MoffettNathanson. Craig Eder Moffett, MoffettNathanson LLC - Co-Founder, Partner and Senior Research Analyst [74] I'm almost afraid to tee up Neville one more time, but can we just add to that very helpful discussion, Neville, about small cells and talk about where you are with small cells, what you're seeing in terms of the pace of getting them zoned and online.]