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Martin has found that patients with back pain spend about 7,000 annually on health care, while people without back pain spend just 4,000 a year. (Insurers will pay the majority of these costs, but patients often bear some of these expenses in the form of insurance co-payments and deductibles.

Corporate facility located in Boulder, Colorado (the quot;Propertyquot;). The sales price for the property was 2,350,000, which consisted of 600,000 cash, the assumption of a 1,300,000 existing mortgage and the receipt of 450,000 note receivable secured by a deed on the property. The Company recorded a gain on the sale of the property of 481,000, which is included in other income on the accompanying consolidated financial statements. The note was to be paid in monthly installments of 4,000, including interest at a rate of 7 per annum, until March 1, 2002.

¬This caused a lot of worry because they are taking down a lot of trees. The biggest worry was the spread of the emerald ash borer, but the second worry was that when an ash tree dies, sometimes it falls very quickly and when you have people walk- ing on trails, it is really scary, so you have to make sure you are taking down the trees when you are supposed to. ‚But, it did change the park quite a bit. One of the things it did concern us about was the nesting birds, like the red tail hawk nest because they were cutting down trees in the area and we were really concerned about losing their young.]